The sin of the past is the tragedy of the present. The year is 1953 and Gabriel de Dios, a man who lives a simple and happy life with his family, possesses the good half of a powerful amulet while Damian Buenavista, a black-hearted scoundrel, who intends to rule the world own the bad half. But Damians plan to take control of the world will not be successful without the other half from Gabriel. Damians plans, however, turn futile when Gabriels bertud, as the amulet is called, saves Gabriel and brings him to the year 2003. Gabriel thinks he is already safe from the greedy Damian… until he realizes the battle has just began.

CAST: Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr., Rochelle Pangilinan, Roi Vinzon

DIRECTOR: Marlon Bautista, Augusto Salvador
WRITER: Sigfreid Barros Sanchez (screenplay, story)
PRODUCTION CO: Imus Productions
RELEASED: 11 June 2003
GENRES: Action, Comedy, Fantasy

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