Quadruplet siblings (two boys and two girls) played by Vice Ganda were separated after birth when their grandmother steals two of the siblings (a boy and a girl) away from their mother. The stolen siblings lived a comfortable life in the US, not knowing that their mother and siblings, a gay and a lesbian, struggled to make ends meet in the Philippines. When the boy develops hepatitis that requires him to have a liver transplant from a compatible donor, their father tells them about their siblings in the Philippines, who may be possible candidates as donors. But once the siblings finally meet, pent up resentment and animosity between the girl and the gay siblings, has threatened the chances of the boy sibling’s survival.

Director: Wenn V. Deramas
Stars: Vice Ganda , Maricel Soriano , Joey Marquez , Ruffa Gutierrez , Cristine Reyes , JC de Vera , Ejay Falcon , Angelu De Leon , Bobby Andrews , Luis Manzano , Karylle , Joy Viado , Debraliz , Tess Antonio , Kiray Celis

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