Hel-lo-mai-leo-beu (original title)
Ho-jung is a scriptwriter in a local radio station. She is waiting for her 30th birthday and also eager to be promoted as a DJ of her own program. One day, she hears that Wonjae, her old flame, will be back to town again after 2 years studying in France. With a dream of getting married with him, Ho-jung is getting exited. Finally Won-jae comes back with a handsome and stylish young guy, Dong-hwa. Soon, she discovers Won-jae to be a homo***ual and Dong-hwa is his partner. With a shock, she decides to bring Won-jae back to as a straight. But the situation takes the wrong way.
Director: Aaron Kim
Writers: Aaron Kim, Ji-eun Kim
Stars: An Jo, Min-Seok Oh, Sang-Wook Ryoo |

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