Rosa (Alessandra de Rossi) accepts a job as a maid in Singapore, helping to care for the Teo family’s mentally disabled son. But her arrival turns out to be catastrophically ill-timed: It’s the seventh month of the year, which, according to local superstitions, is when the forces of the underworld are capable of unleashing their evil on earth. Soon the newcomer finds herself beset by nightmarish visions about the horrible fate of the family’s previous maid.
Initial release: 2005
Director: Kelvin Tong
Initial DVD release: September 12, 2006
Production company: Fortissimo Films
Producer: Chan Pui Yin
Cast: Alessandra De Rossi, Hong Huifang, Benny Soh, Zhenwei Guan, Nur Awal’liyah Ja’afar, Emmanuel Kevin Suraiskumar
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